Oral Peptide Delivery: A Follow-up From CRS 2014 (Part 1)

Pre-Meeting Workshop

Date/Time: Saturday, July 21, 2018 - 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM


This two-day workshop will provide an update on the progress in oral peptide delivery since the CRS Workshop on this topic in 2014. Select pharmacuetical companies will provide case studies of selected oral peptide candidates in preclinical and clinical development.   Select academic and industrial scientists will discuss the integrated knowledge generated through large consortia, i.e. the TRANS-INT EU consortium.

Topics include:

  • A realistic assessment of oral peptide formulation challenges and ways to overcome them
  • The opportunities offered by chemistry modification, intestinal permeation enhancers, excipients, micro/nanotechnology, and combinations thereof and
  • The translational possibilities. 

Attendees will hear cutting edge science and will be able to discuss current progress with some of the leading industrial and academic researchers in oral peptides. 


David Brayden (UCD, Ireland)
Maria-Jose Alonso (USC, Spain)
Randall Mrsny (Bath Univ., UK)



8:30 AM
Introduction by Co-Chairs: David Brayden & Maria-Jose Alonso

8:35 AM
Randall Mrsny (Bath Univ., UK)
Examination of a paracellular approach to achieve oral peptide delivery 

9:10 AM
David Brayden (UCD, Ireland)

Intestinal permeation enhancers:  mechanisms, formulations, toxicology

9:45 AM
Maria-Jose Alonso (USC, Spain)
Learnings from the EU Consortium (TRANS-INT, 2012-2017) on oral peptide formulations using nanotechnology 

10:20 AM
Refreshment Break

10:45 AM
A novel conjugation approach and a case studies from companies developing oral peptide formulations that are in clinical trials

10:45 AM
Randall Mrsny (Bath Univ., UK)

Examination of a transcellular approaches to achieve oral peptide and protein delivery – moving towards Phase 1

11:20 AM
Stephen Buckley (Novo-Nordisk, Denmark) 

Oral semaglutide Phase II studies using SNAC formulations 

12:00 PM
Lunch Break

1:00 PM
Gio Traverso (MIT, Boston, USA)

Oral peptides opportunities using ultrasound devices to combat the GI tract 

1:35 PM
Samir Mitragotri (Harvard Univ., USA)

Disruptive device-based technologies for oral peptide delivery 

2:10 PM
Nigel Davies (Astra-Zeneca, Molndal, Sweden)

Oral delivery of macromolecules - an AZ perspective

2:45 PM
Refreshment Break

3:10 PM
Vincent Jannin (Gattefosse, France) 

Benefits of lipid-based excipients in oral peptide formulations 

3:45 PM
Ronak Salva (Catalent, NJ, USA)

Parallel screening approach for the oral delivery of peptides

4:20 PM
Kathryn Whitehead (Carnegie-Mellon University, USA)

Silica nanoparticles enable oral delivery of insulin


8:35 AM
Kenneth Koeplinger, Merck Research Laboratories, NJ, USA.  

Oral peptide delivery: excited about cycling

9:10 AM
Mohammed ElSayed (Lilly, USA)

Formulation Considerations in Oral Delivery of Therapeutic Peptides

9:45 AM
Hassan Benameur (Lonza Pharma)

In vitro and In vivo performance criteria of enTRinsic™ dosage form using lipid multi-particulates for oral peptide targeted delivery

9:50 AM
Refreshment Break

A new consortium in oral peptides funded by the Novo-Nordisk Foundation

10:15 AM
Hanne Nielsen (Copenhagen University, Denmark)

Oral peptides:  Introducing the ‘Center for Biopharmaceuticals and Biobarriers in Drug Delivery

Followed by a brief round-table discussion.




  • Is it still realistic to pursue oral peptide delivery?  

  • What new peptide structures are being researched?

  • Are permeation enhancers effective/harmful?

  • Is there a value from nanotechnology?

  • What are the barriers in terms to clinical development?