Basic Concepts of Oral Drug Delivery; What You Need to Know

Pre-Meeting Workshop

Date/Time: Saturday, July 21, 2018 - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM



You may be attending the CRS Annual Meeting for the first time (or the second) because you have an interest in Drug Delivery and Controlled Release Systems, many of which are for oral route. The reasons for the interest vary from person to person:

  • You might be a clinician who trusts that a certain problem is solved if the drug can be delivered in a controlled release manner.
  • You might be a chemist who has synthetized the molecule that can address a disease but your drug has a miserable half-life or a stability problem.
  • You are a polymer scientist who has developed a novel polymer with potential applications in oral controlled release systems.
  • You are an engineer who has developed a mechanism which might be relevant in oral drug delivery.
  • You are a pharmaceutical scientist or executive in a company contemplating new specialized formulations (for special age group e.g. pediatrics) for a new drug, or life-cycle management of an existing drug.

In this workshop there is a faculty of experienced people in oral drug delivery who have “been there, done that”, including the mistakes! Most have authored/edited books, written articles and patents and are willing to present their collective wisdom, so you need not make the avoidable oversights.

The agenda covers a range of fundamental and hot topics related to oral drug delivery, with an objective to share experiences and point out where resources, expertise and, in general, help and assistance, may be found. It will be an interactive atmosphere and use real-life cases to illustrate the problems and possible solutions.

CAVEAT: If you know ALL ABOUT pre-formulation, formulation, solubility enhancement, polymorphs, oral controlled release mechanisms, materials science, gut physiology and metabolism, oral pharmacokinetics, animal models, in-silico models, analysis & regulation of controlled release products and a few other relevant issues, you may be bored at this workshop.


Ali Rajabi-Siahboomi, Colorcon
Daniel Bar Shalom, University of Copenhagen


9:10 AM
Clive Wilson

Understanding the GI Tract for drug delivery

9:50 AM
Ali Rajabi‐Siahboomi

Basic principles of different drug release profiles

10:45 AM
Daniel Bar Shalom

Modifying Drug Delivery: Delayed Release

11:15 AM
Kevin O’Donnell

Recent advances in achieving solubility enhancement

11:45 AM
Tom Durig

Solubility enhancement using hot melt extrusion technology

1:00 PM
Piyush Patel

Taste masking, keeping young and elderly in mind

1:30 PM
Nigel Langley

Recent polymer advances for taste masking of drug particles

2:00 PM
Kelly Caputo

Unique drug delivery systems ‐ 3D printing

2:45 PM
Amitava Mitra

Prediction of bio‐performance and bioequivalence in‐silico

3:15 PM
Anette Mullertz

Understanding in‐vitro/ in‐vivo correlation

3:45 PM
Jasmine Musakhanian

Basics of lipid drug delivery systems